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Healthy Families and God's Blueprint
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I enjoy highlighting the abundance of research that pops up in support of families. The reason is simple: Well-designed studies affirm again and again that God’s blueprint for healthy families can be trusted, regardless of which way the winds of culture may blow.

Professor Warns Moviegoers to Be Wary of "Left Behind" Theology
Go ahead and enjoy the Nicolas Cage movie remake of “Left Behind,” but don’t believe Jesus is going to snatch Christians away so they miss the Tribulation, says theologian William Craig.

For the Aspiring Helicopter Parent an App That Monitors Everything Your Child Does
Goodbye big brother. Hello big mother. A new app provides parents with the capability to track kids' locations, driving habits, and social media interactions.

Study Claims 1 in 200 Churchgoers in Homosexual Relationships
A new poll claims that one in 200 churchgoers are involved in a homosexual relationship.

Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill to Reinstate Abortion Clinic "Buffer Zone"
The governor of Massachusetts has signed a bill that would once again prohibit pro-life speech around abortion clinics.

Dictionary Redefines Marriage as Gender Neutral
The Chambers Dictionary has released its 13th edition with changes to the previous definition of marriage.

Some Christians Fermenting over Use of Christian Hymn in Beer Commercial
The makers of Guinness beer used a classic Christian hymn as its music bed in a commercial that honors members of the U.S. military, a decision that has some Christians fermenting.

Ceasefire Ends with Rocket Fire, No Sign of End to Conflict
Israel’s four-hour humanitarian ceasefire ended yesterday when Hamas militants fired rockets at Israel and Israel fired back, striking a crowded marketplace.

Turkish Official: Women Shouldn’t Laugh in Public
Many Turkish women were doubled over with laughter Tuesday after a deputy leader said in a speech that women should not laugh in public and should not talk on their mobile phones so much.

Poll Claims "Very Religious" Americans More Likely to Identify as Republican
American voters’ faith has a lot to do with their politics, according to a new Gallup study. Strong Evangelicals tend to be Republicans. Non-believers swing toward the Democrats.

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